The tool that creates intelligent properties on SOLIDWORKS documents

What is SmartProperties

SmartProperties allows you to quickly create and modify a list of properties that can be easily defined via a customisable input form for all types of SOLIDWORKS documents. These properties can then be used to create a bill of materials, manage anannotation, retrieve the value of a dimension or fill in.

This tool is fully integrated into the SOLIDWORKS interface.


  • Fully customizable input form
  • Wide choice of property types: Text, List, Concatenation, Dimension, Variable, Option, Date, Condition, Counter, Character String Processing, etc.
  • Standardisation of input properties
  • Properties on documents, configurations, welded components
  • Simple and intuitive user and configuration interface
  • Backup options and automatic document naming
  • Automatic naming of welded parts
  • Connect to EPDM vault (requires PDM tools)

Prepare your bills of materials and drawing templates

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