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20 tools to optimize the use of SOLIDWORKS PDM


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SelectMaterial:  Search and select material in SOLIDWORKS libraries using properties filters

CurveEquation: Automatic creation of 2D or 3D curves from parametric equations

CurveData: Automatic creation of 2D or 3D curves from one or more coordinate files

DriveAssembly: Simulating the behaviour of a mechanism or a part by varying dimensions

ScaleDimension: Apply a scale factor to the dimensions of your parts

UnsewBody: Automatically unsew body faces

CreatePoints: Automatically create sketch points on curves or surfacesCreatePoints

CreateSections: Create sections by cutting a 3D model by a set of planes

ColorChart: Apply colours from standard industrial colour charts


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AssemblyBoard: Automatic creation of assembly component boards

DrawingTranslate: Automatic translation of annotations of one or more drawings

LayerManager: Create and assign layers to annotations and assembly components in the drawing

FontConverter: Convert the fonts of the annotations on your drawings

SmartBalloons: Create advanced balloons in assembly drawings using custom properties

EasyPrint: Easily and quickly print your SOLIDWORKS documents storing your own print options

SmartDrawings: Automatic creation of all definition drawings from all components referenced in an assembly

ToleranceTable: Create tolerance tables

FaceFonts: Change the font of the edges of one or more faces in a drawing

EdgeAnnotations: Creating annotations for edges of undefined shape


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TreeManager: A set of tools to more easily manage your data from the assembly tree

SmartProperties: Quick creation of intelligent properties on SOLIDWORKS documents

BatchProperties: Automatically apply a property list to a set of SOLIDWORKS files

ProjectManager: Duplicate a SOLIDWORKS project with all its dependencies

CleanProject: Clean the contents of a folder to keep only the items referenced by one or more projects

Integration: Automatically standardise SOLIDWORKS documents based on your own work rules

PilotAssembly: Manage your assemblies in an Excel table

ProjectExplorer: Managing the files structure of a project in Windows Explorer


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GetCoordinates2D: Automatic extraction of coordinates tables from SOLIDWORKS drawing views

GetCoordinates3D: Automatically extracting XYZ annotations or coordinate files from SOLIDWORKS geometry

SmartBom: Extraction of a bill of materials with or without SOLIDWORKS from a document or folder

Tolerances: Automatically apply tolerances from tables

BatchConverter: Automatically import and export a set of SOLIDWORKS documents

PowerPrint: Automatically print a list of SOLIDWORKS documents to printers depending on format

CloneComponents: Automatically insert and rename your own library components in an assembly

CADENASlibrary: Integrate CADENAS components into your assemblies directly from the SOLIDWORKS interface

CuttingOptimization: Optimise cutting length and supply length of your profiles, in order to minimise material waste

MarkFoldLines: Perform automatic marking cutouts on the fold lines of sheet metal parts

SheetMetalManufacturing: Generate a DXF/DWG containing all the flat patterns of a sheet metal project

EntityProperties: Apply SOLIDWORKS properties from measurement results


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CopyOptions: Standardise a set of SOLIDWORKS documents by copying options from a reference document

Dependencies: Redefining a new location in the references of your SOLIDWORKS documents

UpdateVersion: Convert SOLIDWORKS documents by optimising their use

VersionHistory: Display the history of your SOLIDWORKS files detailing every version and service pack

WhereUsed: Search the where-used cases of a component (part or assembly)

TaskPlanner: Schedule the launch of myCADtools utilities

myCADtoolbar: Find all the myCAD utilities on these two toolbars

CustomToolbar: Find all your utilities in a fully customisable toolbar

LocalHelp: Integrate access to your own documentation directly into the SOLIDWORKS task panel

UnitsConverter: Integrate access to your own documentation directly into the SOLIDWORKS task panel

myCADpassport: Accessing the myCAD collaboration suite


AdvancedBom: Gain more efficiency in the export of the BOM and finding documents

CacheRefresh: Perform operations on the SOLIDWORKS PDM view

CopyLink: Create and copy hypertext links from documents selected in the vault

DataRecovery: Make a copy and a mass archive of a Windows tree to PDM, without having memory constraints

DocBundle: Create a PDF document bundle containing all the documents needed to build a project

DocPrinter: Automatically start, via a PDM task, the printing of your SOLIDWORKS document bundles

DocPublication: Automatically generate your PDF files when validating your drawings

DynamicList: Predefine a list of choices based on a value from the previous list

PDMCheck: Start a database analysis from a context-sensitive menu

PDMProperties : Populate all the variables of the data cards of several selected files

PDMRebuild : Automatic update of assemblies and drawing after changes

PDMReport : On demand report for PDM admins

PDMSearch: Advanced and fast search in SOLIDWORKS PDM

PDMViewer : Viewing PDM attributes of selected components in eDrawings

RevisionTable : manages the revision table in the SOLIDWORKS drawing using data from SOLIDWORKS PDM

SerialNumber : Creates unique serial numbers by associating variables with a counter

TaskAction: Chain multiple myPDMtools actions in a single SOLIDWORKS PDM task

TraceWorkflow : View the status of the document in the PDM Workflow

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