Search the where-used cases of a component (part or assembly)

Easily find the where-used cases of a component

WhereUsed searches for the cases in which a component (part or assembly) is used in the parent assembly or drawing. You can search for particular configurations of a component and apply the search to all configurations of scanned components in the folders. The search can be performed in all assemblies or drawing references.

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Search for cases where a component or an assembly is used

Option to filter the search on one or more configurations

Search in the first level only or in all levels of relationship

With SOLIDWORKS + myCADtools WhereUsed

Replacing or modifying a component can be very tedious if you cannot easily find the links for this component to the assemblies where it is used. WhereUsed allows you to quickly and easily find where-used cases for your components with search options allowing you to scan all configurations and all levels of relationship in your files.

yes Where-used search for a component (part or assembly)

yes Filter according to one or more configurations

yes Search in all assembly levels

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