Display the history of your SOLIDWORKS files detailing every version and service pack

Easily find out who did what and when on SOLIDWORKS documents

VersionHistory lets you view the history of a SOLIDWORKS file. All versions of SOLIDWORKS in which the file has been saved are listed and can be exported to a text file.

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List the history of the saved versions of a document (Major versions, Service Packs)

List the functions of the document (Creator,
Date created and last modified,
SOLIDWORKS version and last modification)

Option to export the list in a text file

With SOLIDWORKS + myCADtools VersionHistroy

VersionHistory allows you to easily view the history of a file and therefore understand the decisions taken in the past. You can, at a glance, see who worked on a document and when. It can also help you to identify possible shortcomings in your work method or simply in the software. It is also a valuable tool for support.

yes View the major releases and SOLIDWORKS Service Packs history used in a document

yes View a detailed list of document features and their history

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