Convert SOLIDWORKS documents by optimising their use

Convert your SOLIDWORKS data into the version of your choice and optimise the result

UpdateVersion automatically converts SOLIDWORKS documents into the latest SOLIDWORKS version and is performed as a background task.

Video subtitles in different languages

Optimised conversion of SOLIDWORKS documents

Applies to all types of SOLIDWORKS documents

Options to rebuild and display the component: Force Rebuild, Isometric view, Zoom to fit

Manage “detached” format drawings

“Save As” option to minimise file size

Manage memory and errors

Connect to PDM vault (requires a myPDMtools license)

With SOLIDWORKS + myCADtools UpdateVersion

When migrating to a new version of SOLIDWORKS, it is best to convert all data so that users lose less time re-opening their documents. UpdateVersion performs this work as a background task. At the same time, it enables document use to be optimised by activating and forcing the reconstruction of each configuration and each sheet.

yes For all SOLIDWORKS versions

yes Standardise default display of documents

yes Advanced drawing options: BOM, Sheets

yes Force rebuild of documents

yes Optimised and intelligent processing order

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