A set of tools to more easily manage your data from the assembly tree

Basic features, but they can save you a lot of time

TreeManager offers a set of tools to help you manage the content of your assemblies more easily. With this utility, you can sort and classify the assembly tree, automatically assign colours to components, easily create simplified configurations, and manage component visibility by filtering according to custom properties.

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Hide, Show, Remove, Resolve components based on custom properties

Sort the components in the assembly tree: Alphabetically/Creation date/Modification date, Grouping into folders based on custom properties

Automatically assign assembly colour to components

Automatically create a simplified configuration structure

Detailed list of assembly constraints

With SOLIDWORKS + myCADtools TreeManager

Using the ”sort” function, you can display the latest modified components of your project. Rather than dealing with components one by one, you can automatically and randomly assign colours of your choice to all components with just one click. In one click, you can group together, for example, all library components into a specific folder.

yes Hide, Show, Delete, Resolve components based on custom properties

yes Group together components into folders based on custom properties

yes Automatically assign colours to components

yes Sort the components in the assembly tree

yes Automatically create simplified configurations for all components and/or all sub-assemblies

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