Search and select material in SOLIDWORKS libraries using properties filters

Improve efficiency and quality in your choice of materials

SelectMaterial helps you to choose a material from SOLIDWORKS libraries and apply it to the active document. It helps you to easily find a material, using filters based on the library properties. When the material is applied to the part, the custom properties of the material automatically become custom properties of the part. In addition, SelectMaterial allows you to customise the hatching angle and scale directly on the 3D model.

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Explore SOLIDWORKS materials libraries

Filter materials based on custom properties

Apply the selected material to the active document

Automatically add the custom properties of the material to the document

Customise hatching angle and scale

With SOLIDWORKS + myCADtools SelectMaterial

SOLIDWORKS allows you to create, modify and enrich the materials libraries incorporating your own expertise with custom properties and comments. With SelectMaterial, you can optimise the choice of material and automatically enrich your models by integrating material data with custom properties. (Supplier, Treatments, Supply format, Packaging, etc.)

yes Search for a material by filtering the properties

yes Automatically transfer custom properties of materials to document properties

yes Change angle and scale values for hatching

yes Apply the material to the part

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