Create and assign layers to annotations and assembly components in the drawing

Optimise the accuracy and understanding of your drawings and prepare the export to the DWG format

In a drawing, LayerManager automatically distributes the annotations and assembly components across different layers. This enables colour to be used much more easily in the drawings. Thanks to this tool, you can also improve communication with DXF and DWG formats.

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Distribute annotations across layers automatically

Customisable naming of annotation layers

Create component layers automatically

Colours and names of component layers assigned automatically

Help to prepare exports to DXF or DWG

Add layers according to priorities

With SOLIDWORKS + myCADtools LayerManager

Colour is often a great help in understanding assembly drawings. Instead of wasting hours of work with no added value, you can distribute annotations in predefined layers in seconds and automatically assign layers to your parts. You therefore improve the legibility of your drawings and, above all, by structuring your data into layers, you enrich your DXF and DWG exports.

yes Create and distribute annotations on predefined layers

yes Automatically create a layer per assembly component

yes Automatically assign colour to component layers

yes Automatically name component layers

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