Simulating the behaviour of a mechanism or a part by varying dimensions

Evaluate different design scenarios and improve the quality of your products

DriveAssembly allows you to control assembly dimensions to analyse components’ movements or simply to manage the dimensions of a part or a sketch. By controlling the variation of a dimension, you can automatically calculate other resulting dimensions, points trajectories, envelope volumes and interferences. You just need to select dimensions, set the start and finish values and choose the calculation step.

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Select one or more driving dimensions

Create a driven dimensions table

Create path curves (from vertex)

Interference calculation of a set of components at each step

Create intermediate component positions

Create the envelope for a set of components

With SOLIDWORKS + myCADtools DriveAssembly

Add DriveAssembly to SOLIDWORKS and you will be able to automatically check the influence of a parameter on the behaviour of your design. You can study different solutions and verify hypotheses by driving any type of dimension while controlling the evolution of other dimensions.

yes Animation from any part or assembly dimensions

yes Create driven dimensions in values tables

yes Path curves

yes Interference detection at each calculation step

yes Animation from assembly dimensions (mates)

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