Automatic translation of annotations of one or more drawings

Translate your drawings

DrawingTranslate automatically translates all or part of the annotations contained in a drawing. This translation can be performed on the active document but also on a complete directory of drawings.

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Several translation management modes: From a glossary enhanced by the user, Create Excel tables

Manage annotation changes: Replace annotation, Create a new sheet per language, Create a PDF

With SOLIDWORKS + myCADtools DrawingTranslate

In the case of files exchanged between suppliers, subcontractors or subsidiaries using different languages, it is often necessary to translate the drawings. With DrawingTranslate, you can quickly translate all the annotations of your drawings from a prefilled Excel dictionary with the languages of your choice. You can thus homogenise and standardise your translations and therefore save hundreds of hours of long and tedious work.

yes Multi-lingual dictionary

yes Translate drawing annotations per file

yes Translate mass drawing annotations

yes Export/Import Excel to outsource translation

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