Automatic creation of 2D or 3D curves from cartesian or polar parametric equations

Do you often use mathematical functions? Reduce your design time by ten-fold

CurveEquation allows you to easily and quickly create 2D or 3D curves directly from mathematical equations in a part or an assembly.

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Parametric equations: Cartesian, Polar

Manage the interval and pitch of the parameter

Create : points, 2D sketch curves, 3D sketch curves, 3D curves

Choice of the creation coordinate system

Customisable equations/curves library

Export points in Excel format

With SOLIDWORKS + myCADtools CurveEquation

To design curves in SOLIDWORKS, you not longer need to generate XYZ points files via Excel sheets. You can now create the curve directly in SOLIDWORKS, as complex as it is. In addition you can store and manage all your equations directly in a library for easier and faster reuse

yes Create 2D or 3D curves from polar equations: R, θ, Z = f (t)

yes Option to create points

yes Export calculated points coordinates to Excel

yes Equation library

yes Create 2D or 3D curves from Cartesian equations: X, Y, Z = f (t)

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