Automatic creation of 2D or 3D curves from one or more coordinate files

Do you need to read coordinate files? Reduce your design time by ten-fold

CurveData allows you to easily and quickly create 2D or 3D curves in a part or an assembly directly from one or more cartesian (XYZ) or polar (RθZ) coordinate files.

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Read coordinate files in text or Excel format

Cartesian or polar coordinates

Manage separator type

Manage multiple curves

Create points and 2D, 3D sketch curves

Manage duplicate points

With SOLIDWORKS + myCADtools CurveData

No need to cut and reformat your text file, convert your Excel file to text, convert polar coordinates to cartesian coordinates, search for duplicate coordinaes, project the resulting curves in 2D or 3D sketches, … CurveData performs all of these functions for you for greater efficiency and productivity.

yes Create points, 2D sketch or 3D sketch

yes Use text or Excel files

yes Cartesian (XYZ) or polar (RθZ) coordinates

yes Manage multi-curve, separators and duplicate points

yes Create a 3D curve from an XYZ text file

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