Create sections by cutting a 3D model by a set of planes

Cut 3D entities by a set of planes

CreateSections is used to automate the creation of multiple sections, and to cut, in addition to surface and solid geometries, wireframes, planes, axes, and assembly components.

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Automate the creation of plans

Automate the creation of sections

Select the entities to be cut: 2D or 3D sketch curves, Surface or solid body edges, Solid or surface bodies…

Select the method for cutting entities: Select existing planes and/or planar faces, Create a linear pattern, Create a skeleton curve driven pattern

With SOLIDWORKS + myCADtools CreateSections

CreateSections allows you to fill a lot of functional gaps when you want to cut a 3D model by planes, cut along multiple planes, cut entire assemblies, cut wireframes, etc. Without CreateSections, the user wastes a considerable amount of time performing repetitive tasks, cumbersome manipulations and laborious selections.

yes Cut a 3D model by a set of planes

yes Cut an assembly or sub-assemblies in one operation

yes Cut sketches, sketch entities, edges, planes, or axes

yes Automatic creation of planes

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