Automatically create sketch points on curves or surfaces

Create points on curves and surfaces

CreatePoints is used to automatically generate points along contiguous curves or on adjacent surfaces. Different points distribution methods are offered to the user. This utility works in the part environment and offers the possibility of exporting the generated points in a text or Excel file

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Create 2D or 3D sketch points along contiguous curves

Configure interval between points

Specify start and end dimension along the curve

Create distributed points according to the isoparametrics of a face or a grid projected onto a series of surfaces

Automatic calculation of the maximum number of points according to the pitch

Export points coordinates to a text or Excel file

With SOLIDWORKS + myCADtools CreatePoints

SOLIDWORKS offers no solution to automatically generate 2D or 3D sketch points on a series of curves or surfaces. CreatePoints automatically and quickly creates sketch points on curves or on surfaces. These points can then be reused to create new curves, new surfaces, improve and simplify existing geometries, or export coordinates to other applications.erial data with custom properties. (Supplier, Treatments, Supply format, Packaging, etc.)

yes Generate sketch points on contiguous curves

yes Generate sketch points on surfaces according to the isoparametrics or a projected grid

yes Change angle and scale values for hatching

yes Option to use created points to build new surfaces or curves

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