Apply colours from standard industrial colour charts

Apply colours from standard colour charts

ColorChart allows you to apply colours to SOLIDWORKS entities (body, faces, features, parts, assemblies, etc.) from industrial standard colour charts or customised colour charts.

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Apply colours to SOLIDWORKS entities from a colour chart

Select colours from industrial standard colour charts: Pantone colour chart, RAL colour chart, RGB

Option to add own colour charts and colours

With SOLIDWORKS + myCADtools ColorChart

In some industries, the concept of colour is very important and must meet specific standards. These colours all correspond to a very specific codification based on the combination of three basic colours of red, green and blue. ColorChart makes it possible to select colours in the Pantone, RAL and RGB colour charts with the option of modifying them and adding your own colours from an XML file.

yes “Pantone” colour chart

yes “RAL” colour chart

yes Option to modify or create colour charts and add own colours

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