Automatic creation of assembly component boards

Automatically and graphically detail the components of your assemblies

AssemblyBoard automatically creates a graphical BOM of assembly components. The components to be extracted are selected from a SOLIDWORKS BOM. For each component, a 3D view is created and the properties selected from the BOM are displayed.

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Select components and properties from a SOLIDWORKS BOM

Automatically create a drawing view for each of the components of the BOM

Option of adding the view of the general assembly at the top

Automatic calculation of the scale of each view according to the size of the component and the layout

Choice and configuration of layout, and position and orientation of the views

Choice of properties to be inserted according to the BOM

Create drawing sheets automatically

With SOLIDWORKS + myCADtools AssemblyBoard

In some professions, such as assembly or documentation, use of a simple BOM is not always clear enough for the user. The use of AssemblyBoard enables better communication by providing, in addition to the usual properties, a graphical overview of the components of the assembly. Communicating using images results in more effective communication.

yes Automatically create a drawing view for each of the components in an assembly

yes Automatically extract component properties for each of the created views

yes Automatic and customisable layout

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