myCADtools – pricing

1 year


Per user/year

Get 50 tools of your choice for 1 year.

This offer includes all the updates during the subscription period.



$990 $2.000



Best Value !

Offer valid until April 30 2020!

Get all the tools for an unlimited use.

This offer includes all the updates without limit of time.

Coding rules

and quick creation of smart properties on document

Mass processing tools

for projects/folders

Applying colors

from RAL and Pantone

Automatic creation of parts lists

in the form of component sheets

Extraction of multiple BOMs

from projects/folders

Optimizing shaped output

to minimise material falls

Automatically insert

your configured library components

Component configuration

Component configuration job search (where used)

Supercharge your CAD designs

3D design is acclaimed in all design offices. It drives creativity and innovation… and is therefore considered to be the linchpin of the designer ’s job, and what inspires them. However, no designer enjoys itemising parts all day long, printing plans or performing tasks with no real added value, and this is where Moovapps myCADtools can help !

Smart Properties has become a must have solution to automate data entry into our drawings based off information provided by the users.
John Watkins

CEO / EPDM Administrator

With myCADtools, we divided by 3 the processing time for production launch.
Mickaël Croguennec

Draftsman-designer, Design Office Solutions