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3D design is acclaimed in all design offices. It drives creativity and innovation… and is therefore considered to be the linchpin of the designer ’s job, and what inspires them. However, no designer enjoys itemising parts all day long, printing plans or performing tasks with no real added value, and this is where myCADtools can help !



Adapt the CAD tool to your organization and your work methods



Reduce time lost due to managing CAD data in favor of design and innovation


Enhance the basic CAD functionalities by integrating your specific requirements

With myCADtools


Save time and improve reliability

  • Standardise your SOLIDWORKS data
  • Avoid errors and oversights by automating repetitive tasks
  • Produce designs more quickly and more efficiently

Boost productivity and promote innovation

  • Eliminate tedious and repetitive tasks
  • Simplify and optimise your daily work
  • Accelerate and optimise the transition from design to production

Develop your specific business requirements

  • Benefit from the experience of 3,000 customers
  • Adapt SOLIDWORKS to your specific requirements
  • Trust 30 years of experience in CAD
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The ideal solution to be more productive with SOLIDWORKS

For all CAD designers from research unit who want to be more productive and efficient in their daily use of SOLIDWORKS.

mycadtools for SOLIDWORKS
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Made by CAD engineers,
for CAD engineers

It adapts the CAD tools to your organization and work methods, reduces time wasted due to CAD data management in favour of design and innovation and enriches the basic CAD capabilities by taking into account your specific business requirements

What you will get with myCADtools

myCADtools is a bundle of 50 tools to supercharge your CAD designs with SOLIDWORKS.

smart cadtools


Nine tools to improve your DESIGN in SOLIDWORKS



Discover DRAWING tools in SOLIDWORKS that foster creativity

myCAD for solidworks

Project management

Struggling with PROJECT MANAGEMENT? Here are eight tools that get the job done


Discover our 10 production tools


ADMINISTRATE your SOLIDWORKS documents more efficiently


Optimize your daily USE of SOLIDWORKS

Who Is myCADtools Aimed At ?

All SOLIDWORKS users who want to be more productive and more efficient in their daily use of SOLIDWORKS.


Happy customers

Smart Properties has become a must have solution to automate data entry into our drawings based off information provided by the users.

John Watkins

CEO / EPDM Administrator

With myCADtools, we divided by 3 the processing time for production launch.

Mickaël Croguennec

Draftsman-designer, Design Office Solutions

myCADtools News

Stories, best practices and news about myCADtools, SOLIDWORKS and the world of CAD.

myCADtools’ story

myCADtools’ story

myCADtools: what’s it all about? Since the 2000s,  Visiativ group has been developing SOLIDWORKS tools for CAD designers and engineers to facilitate their daily use of SOLIDWORKS, making them more efficient and productive. myCADtools is a SOLIDWORKS Gold certified...

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A gold certified product

A gold certified product

myCADtools is a SOLIDWORKS Certified Gold ProductVisiativ Group is proud to announce the SOLIDWORKS Gold Product  certification of myCADtools tools. Included in the myCADservices Premium suite, myCADtools offers over 50 tools integrated into SOLIDWORKS. These tools...

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myCADtools goes to SOLIDWORKS World

myCADtools goes to SOLIDWORKS World

myCADtools is in DALLAS, Texas What is SOLIDWORKS WORLD ? “For the next generation of makers, doers and innovators who want to create things that make a difference, SOLIDWORKS World is a collective experience that inspires and activates your capacity to bring to life...

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